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Kate A.

25 years old

On and off again, I have had some hard feelings since 2016. When I discovered a Therapy dog program at a church I used to go to, I felt interested and it would help me with my mood. I couldn't attend that program, but Mom found something similar with Brittany Mraz and it matched with me. Working with therapy dogs like Murray, Zoey, and the now late Dayo has helped my mood and helped me slowly be more comfortable around larger dogs as long as they are friendly. I love reading to them and doing things like playing board and card games. It also helps me with my movement as well when I go on walks and do training. When I have dog therapy sessions when scheduled on my calendar, it's always something to look forward to, because I feel happy working with the dogs. 

Kari & Todd A.

Parents of Kate, 25 with autism

At each dog therapy session, Kate benefits physically, emotionally, & socially. She is always happy, energized, and very focused during the sessions. It's so neat to see her learning how to interact with the dogs, lead them with commands, and build bonds with them. Kate loves to pick out special library books to bring to her sessions to read to the dogs. Sitting next to the dogs and reading out loud improves her self-esteem, confidence, and speech skills. We're so grateful to have Wagging Warriors as part of Kate's support team in the community!

Deanna P.


My daughter has significant dyslexia and ADHD and used to be very reluctant to read aloud or to attempt to read new material by herself.  She required specific goals in her IEP to address participation because even though her teachers were very understanding and kind, it was really difficult to get her to read by herself in order to measure her progress.  Since she started working with Brittany and wonderful therapy dogs like Zoey, Murray, and Dayo, her confidence has really blossomed!  She has a special spot in her heart for Zoey.  She carried pictures of the dogs to school to remind her of how she felt when she worked with them and looked forward to her sessions each week.   This past year she did not require a specific goal  for participation and her teachers reported that she was a great participant and would volunteer to read in class without hesitation!  We are really grateful for the progress she has made in her emotional connection to reading thanks to Brittany and the super pups!
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