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Our Story

Dayo, our founding dog, was a beautiful Labradoodle

and a very talented certified therapy dog.

He spent his entire life bettering the lives of children and adults through Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy. People who interacted with Dayo found self-acceptance, all the while working on their physical,

social and/or emotional goals.

Working as a therapy dog, Dayo visited numerous elementary, middle and high schools in the area. He regularly made visits to occupational therapy centers, hospitals, libraries and counseling sessions, either at a business or in a private home, along with frequent stops at senior centers to brighten even the gloomiest of days.

He loved working with children and young adults.

He was trained to help his human friends with different disabilities – autism, mobility needs, anxiety and depression – while also helping them learn fine motor skills. Dayo’s favorite activities included riding on any autism swing or scooter and venturing through obstacle courses in physical or occupation therapy sessions.

Kids of all ages and abilities loved brushing Dayo’s fur, playing different games with him,

and teaching and perfecting obedience commands and tricks.

Dayo understood that all of his human friends needed a calm and patient pup.

He learned to sit with adults at senior centers for as long as they wanted, allowing them the time they needed to destress and even smile and laugh. His entire life centered around sharing his love for life, making people smile and helping people thrive in any way possible. The world was always brighter with a “Dayo smile”.

Sadly, Dayo became sick at a young age. The impact he had on those around him was clear as Dayo’s family and friends rallied around him, showing their love and support when he was admitted to the local animal hospital. Even there he made new friends, lifting the spirits of every doctor and nurse he encountered.

It was at this time that his owner knew she wanted to give back even more in honor of her beloved pup.

Dayo’s family knew they were blessed to have such a huge support system, inside and outside of the hospital.

To honor their furry friend and therapy dog after his passing, they chose to have all proceeds from

Wagging Warriors go to help families whose companion animals were in the hospital, just like Dayo.

Dayo’s true heart, love of working with his human friends and zest for life has become his legacy.

Wagging Warriors will continue to honor his hard work and dedication by improving the lives

of so many others who need support and encouragement from a Wagging Warrior.

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