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How are dogs trained?
Starting from the moment they are adopted by their handlers, our therapy dogs are trained through positive reinforcement. There are many stages of training that our dog teams will go through which include but is not limited to a socialization period as puppies, perfecting their basic commands and advanced obedience as adolescents and then continuing their education through the AKC Canine Good Citizen and therapy evaluations and certification. Wagging Warriors strongly advocates that training should never end, so we encourage ongoing training and obedience to perfect old tasks and learn new ones, through either group or individual lessons.

Are the dogs owned by their handlers?
All of our therapy dogs are owned by their handlers. They live wonderful lives as
family pets when they are “off duty”. 

How much is a session?
Please email Brittany at to discuss your specific situation and our team will work with you to find a solution.

What if I am afraid of dogs?
That is a common fear for many children and adults and is something that Wagging Warriors is able to accommodate. If you are looking for visits to help overcome these fears, we can work with the individual to transform their fears into comfort and provide positive and healthy interactions between the individual and our therapy dogs.

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