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How we can help

Wagging Warriors offers a variety of services to youth and adults in the local community. Our volunteers and therapy dogs offer comfort and/or services to people through individual visits or in group settings. We have been able to establish an array of visits and interactions who have a multitude of different talents. Below are details of the types of visits that Wagging Warriors offers.


Comfort Visits are intended to boost the morale of the youth and adults while providing comfort and support. This time allows visitors to greet our therapy dogs while getting to know them as a team for Wagging Warriors. These visits are designed for bigger groups of people or 1-on-1 visits. Many common Comfort Visits will be visiting students at local schools; learning about therapy dogs or working on educational goals, meeting travelers at airports during the holiday season and visiting senior center facilities and local hospitals.


Our Comfort visits can be designed with specific, purposeful goals for the visitors. Through interactions and activities with our therapy dogs, our volunteer teams play an integral role in working with everyone they meet during their visits.

Comfort Visits Offered:

1. Reading

  • Visit with our therapy dogs can be beneficial towards specific reading goals, such as achieving IEP plans, reaching grade level reading or any other goals you may have for your child or loved one

  • Visitors can read books to our therapy dogs, play games or participate in reading and writing activities

2. School

  • Visits can be for an individual, small group, an entire class or attending a career day

  • Our therapy dogs can be a supportive presence during testing periods or counseling sessions

  • If a class or small group have specific educational goals, we can incorporate our therapy dogs into these visits based on what the students are learning in school

  • Students can read books to our therapy dogs, play games or participate in activities working towards specific goals 

  • Each visit can have different activities, interaction or type of game for the students to participate with our therapy dogs

3. Occupational or Physical Therapy

  • Visits will be guided by the therapist, using our therapy dogs throughout the clients appointment

  • Support may include playing games or participating in activities with our therapy dogs while working towards specific tasks

  • Our therapy dogs can boost the clients mental health during their therapy appointment while finding creative ways to achieve their OT and PT goals

4. Hospital

  • Our therapy dogs can visit patients admitted into the hospital, support families visiting loved ones and uplift the mental health of the staff and employees of the hospital

  • Our therapy dogs can also attend nurse appreciation week and other fun events your hospital may hold

5. Senior Centers and Assisted Living Facilities

  • A visit can be for a specific person or the entire community at your facility

  • Visitors can spend their time reading to the therapy dogs, playing interactive and stimulating games and spending quality time with our therapy dogs

  • Our therapy dogs can visit during social group time, events hosted at your facility or be there to greet residents as they go about their day.

Comfort Visits are one hour but can be increased to 90 minutes or up to two consecutive hours.

Our Wagging Warriors love to work and meet new people! If you are interested in our visits or want to learn more about each service we offer  please do not hesitate to email us at

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