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What started it all

Every pet owner knows how expensive veterinary bills can be and especially in times of crisis or unexpected illness. Many people consider the wonderful dogs and cats in their lives as family members and that is also true for every Wagging Warrior.


When our founding dog Dayo was admitted into the Internal Medicine department at The Lifecentre in Leesburg, VA, his family did everything they could to help Dayo’s battle, to overcome his unexpected illness.


The impact Dayo had on those around him was clear as he made new friends and lifted the spirits of every doctor and nurse he encountered. 


Dayo’s family and friends knew they wanted to honor him in big ways after his passing.  It is Wagging Warriors goal to donate all proceeds of the volunteers hard work to the department of Internal Medicine at  The LifeCenter in Leesburg, VA. The amazing staff took care of Dayo until the end. We would like to support other families that need financial assistance so their pets receive the care needed.


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